Pavel Hejsek

Pavel Hejsek, a young man who in a short time has received a degree from an illustrious
college and acquired a job on Wall Street, has his devotion to learning and perseverance
to thank for his success. Already receiving a variety of awards through his academic,
sports related and career accomplishments, Hejsek is on the fast track to a prosperous
career as an analyst in NYC’s financial district.

Pavel origins are in the Czech Republic. Having come to the United States to pursue
a degree in economics, he was promptly accepted to Dickinson University. There, his
strong work ethic allowed him to rise to the upper echelons of his class, and he ended
up graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2010. During his tenure at Dickinson, Hejsek was
named captain of the tennis team, and received the Lloyd Hughes Award for College
Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

Pavel was also actively setting up his career by seeking summer internships. One of
these internships was at Deutsche Bank, an international leader providing the very best
financial services located directly on Wall Street. Having impressed the professionals
over at Deutsche, Pavel was hired as an analyst, where he is still currently employed.
His primary responsibilities include covering equity capital market products within the
businesses of Clean Technology and Natural Resources.

One of Hejsek’s goals is to live a life without compromise, where he can work hard and
make every effort to achieve each and every one of his aims.

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Pavel Hejsek’s occupation

Currently employed at Deutsche Bank, one of the largest companies within the Industrial
Banking sectors, Pavel Hejsek has proven that hard work and dedication are all that
is required to make ones career goals a reality. Determined to represent himself in a
respectable and specialized manner, Pavel has shown qualities of leadership throughout
his collegiate, tennis and professional careers.

Ever since he arrived in the United States, Hejsek’s goal was to receive an undergraduate
degree in Economics from an accredited college that would help him pursue a career
in finance. He was promptly invited to Dickinson College, a college known for only
accepting exceptional students. Once at Dickinson, Pavel immediately rose to the top of
his class. In addition, he was a leader on the tennis court; named Team Captain in 2008
and 2010 and Team MVP in 2010.

After several successful summer internships at the GIC Group and Deutsche Bank, Pavel
was ready to take on Wall Street. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and was hired as an
analyst by Deutsche Bank. Having seen a great deal of potential in Pavel, Deutsche is
pleased to have him as part of their team of global leaders.

To this day, Pavel Hejsek has retained his position at Deutsche, and is working diligently
towards furthering his career. Covering equity capital market products like IPOs, block
trades and share repurchases within the confines of green technology, Pavel has been
skillfully trained in many different areas of the financial field. He also speaks four
different languages and plays tennis in his spare time.

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How to make it

Studious, creative and industrious, it is no coincidence that Pavel Hejsek is currently
working as an analyst for one of largest Investment Banking firms in the United States.
Whether on the tennis court or in New York City’s downtown financial district, Pavel
strives to always represent himself in the best possible manner. A young man who grew
up in the Czech Republic, Pavel was determined to bring his talents to Wall Street and
seek his own version of the American Dream.

Pavel’s goal upon arriving in the States was to acquire a quality education in the field of
economics from a reputable institution. His objective was realized when he was accepted
to Dickinson College, a storied college located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania notorious for
giving talented minorities a chance to acquire a top flight education. Pavel excelled at
both his academics and extra-curricular activities, graduating with high honors and being
bestowed with the honor of Team Captain from the school’s tennis team.

Working perilously to ensure a successful career, Hejsek sought summer internships at
both the GIC Group and Deutsche Bank, an international leader in investment banking
featuring a substantial list of clients. Prospering during his time at Deutsche, Pavel was
quickly offered a job upon the completion of his studies. Pavel had come a long way
from his scanty roots in the Czech Republic.

Currently, Pavel is working hard as an analyst at Deutsche. Having received expert
training he deals largely within the Natural Resources and Clean Tech sectors. His
personal accomplishments include the ability to speak four languages and he still remains
an enthusiastic tennis player.

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Pavel Hejsek – Bio

A successful student, promising athlete and currently an analyst in the downtown
financial district of NYC, Pavel Hejsek attempts to always be at the top of his game. He
has come a long way from his upbringing in the Czech Republic and is looking to further
enhance his knowledge and expertise within the financial field.

Pavel always dreamed of one day working in the big city, and what better place to realize
your dream than the financial Mecca of the world, Wall Street? Hejsek received his
education at Dickinson College, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. A very ambitious and
hard working student, Pavel graduated Magna Cum Laude with an undergradate degree
in Economics. He also was a formidable athlete, winning a plethora of awards for his
contributions on and off the tennis court including the Lloyd Hughes Award in 2010.

During the summer, a time when most students relax, Pavel was industriously pursuing
internships. He landed an internship at Deutsche Bank and having impressed them,
acquired employment through them as an analyst. Pavel also interned at the GIC Group, a
leader in the agribusiness consultancy field.

Currently, Pavel is still working at Deutsche, enjoying the opportunity to learn from
experts in the industry. He is responsible for covering many equity capital market
products including block trades, share repurchases and IPOs. When not working Pavel
can be found playing tennis, mastering one of four different languages and listening to
some of his favorite bands.

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